Corporate Transcription – 5 Key Challenges
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Technical translation, when briefly discussed, refers to the translation of the technical language of varying technical fields. These include fields such as aeronautics, chemical engineering, accounting, law, or medicine. Each of these respective technical fields has a specific language of its own that is difficult to understand for an outsider.

Technical transcriptionists or translators are skilled professionals equipped with the knowledge and understanding of field-specific terminologies. People hire technical translation assistance for user-friendly translations of highly technical corporate transcriptions. However, even experienced transcriptionists can face hardships trying to dictate a technically advanced document. Below we will discuss five of the key challenges that they are likely to encounter.

Cultural Context Misrepresentation

Technical transcripts and documents often have connotations within the texts. These connotations encompass certain ideological references that are specific to a culture. Hence, a professional translator needs to have a precise knowledge of cultural terminologies.


Attempting a translation on a document that has an incredible amount of terminology regarding a specific subject is an unnerving task.

Misinterpreting the cultural connotations in a corporate transcription may result in an inaccurate translation. Therefore, it is fundamental to have sound knowledge of how one culture represents an idea different from other cultures.

Subject Knowledge

Attempting a translation on a document that has an incredible amount of terminology regarding a specific subject is an unnerving task. The transcriptionist not only has to be familiar with certain terminologies but also needs to have reasonable insights on the subject matter.

Corporate transcripts on subjects such as chemical engineering, business, or economics require accurate knowledge of the subjects. Without formidable knowledge of the subject matter, a precise and articulate translation is impossible. Therefore, the translator needs to face the challenges of a multi-dimensional study base.


Internal Company Language

Having good knowledge of subject-related terminologies is not enough. Corporate transcriptions also involve terms specific to the internal business processes of a certain company. In every corporate company, the workers use their company’s slangs.

Other times, a certain company may assign names to certain business processes, which other companies identify differently. Since you cannot find the exact meanings of these terminologies with the help of a dictionary, they present themselves as a tough challenge for technical interpreters.


Attempting a translation on a document that has an incredible amount of terminology regarding a specific subject is an unnerving task.                

Introduction to New Terminologies

Since we are living in advancing and innovative times, technical translators may find it difficult to keep track of all the new terminologies that stem from innovations. Therefore, a challenge arises in the form of recently created terms and technologies. A translator finds it entirely difficult to cope with technological advancements along with working a full-time job.

Legal Implications

There is plenty at stake when a translator attempts a translation of a corporate transcription. Any inaccurate interpretation or translation from the translator’s side can have serious implications. This is because misinterpretation of these documents can result in major losses to corporations. Furthermore, it can also cause a dispute between two organizations. Therefore, the technical translator faces intense pressure when translating important documents.

To Conclude

Technical translation services is a job that requires intense adherence to pressure and several challenges. It requires confident expertise and knowledge from the translator.  Furthermore, the entire process of technical translation of a corporate transcription is a challenging pursuit that only professional translating companies can handle